IT and telecommunication industry have an enormous influence on the global economy. The demand for IT and telecommunication products is on the increase, especially in developing countries.


Sector:  IT

Client: SAP AG

Solution: Multiplatform Enterprise System

SAP C3 Cloud Computing

  • Creating cloud computing SAP C3 with the application of such technologies as: BMC Remedy, BMC Atrium Orchestrator, BMC Remedy Java API, BMC NetApp AO Adapter BMC Amazon EC2 AO Adapter, BMC VMware AO Adapter
  • Integration of many Hypervisors providing solutions for virtualization


Sector: IT

Client: Atos

Integration of BMC Remedy with ERP external systems

  • Creation of a Java application responsible for the exchange of messages between BMC Remedy system and ERP external systems via Web Service


Sector: IT

Client: Atos

Solution: ATF implementation (cross-functional Atos Technology Framework)


  • Design of Common Data Model (CDM) and the design of data interfaces with Management Data Repository (MDR)
  • Implementation of additional functionality


Sectror: Telecommunication

Client: O2 Germany

EARS - ITSM 7 and integration with a knowledge database

  • Preparation of a new design and construction of an interface between EARS based on ARS 5.x-7.x, ITSM 7 and a knowledge base system
  • Design and construction of a license management system for ITSM


Sector: IT services

Client: Capgemini UK

Solution: Advanced Integration Module           

BMC CMDB implementation and integration

  • Interface design and programming between CMDB, ITSM7 and Cramer external system. Data migration between the systems


Sector: Telecommunication

Client: O2 UK

Solution: DataXchange Engine

Workflow and Problem Management System - Multi-System Integration

  • Preparing a new design and constructing interfaces between ARS Remedy ITSM, CMDB and dozens of external systems
  • Interfaces based on data collections in XML format, database solutions and Asinit/CEAM copyright solutions for data synchronization and multi-system interaction in real time


Sector: Telecommunication

Client: Vodafone UK

Solution: DataXchange Engine, XMLXchange Engine

Global Equipment/Patching database

  • Remedy, WWW and  J2EE - based application for Circuit Database Module
  • The project included multi-system integrations, database analysis, optimization of the data input process, integration of several different databases as well as design and implementation of data warehouses
  • Additionally, the customization of BMC CMDB for the system was performed


Sector: Telecommunication

Client: Cable and Wireless

Solution: ARSData Loader, XMLXchange Engine

Channelized STM1/E1 Manager

  • Remedy and J2EE -based application for the pan-European management platform for ordering STM and Ethernet products


Sector: Telecommunication

Client: Cable and Wireless

Solution: JWeb Interface

Order Management System for Leased Line and DSL

  • Design and construction of Remedy and J2EE-based pan-European system for order and telecommunication services management
  • The project included a multi-system integration with the application of Remedy, XMLXchangeEngine and ORMCenter-Biztalk


Sector: Telecommunication

Client: Cable and Wireless

Solution: JWeb Interface, XMLXchange Engine, ARSData Loader

DataXchange Engine customisation

  • Design of changes and implementation of data synchronization mechanism between Action Request System and XML data sources, and MS Office *.xls, *.doc files with the application of Java API


Sector: Telecommunication

Client: Cable and Wireless

ARS Server Administration Module

  • Design and implementation of the Web – based system for administration and monitoring of  ARS servers and active services. The system used E-mail Alert module for administrators and operators
  • The solution included monitoring of incidents, server performance, logged-in users, low-level exceptions, etc.


Sector: Telecommunication

Client: Cable and Wireless UK

Invoice Verification Module

  • Module for the optimization of costs and verification of invoices based on Remedy/J2EE/PLSQL  (adapted to the integration with SAP platform)
  • Allows calculations, optimization, verification and storage of financial data for the network of clients in Europe and Asia, as well as price negotiation for individual clients
  • Module for periodic reporting of financial results with the application of historical and current data


Sector: Finances, Telecommunication

Client: Cable and Wireless UK

Solution: JWeb Interface

Event Management System Interfaces

  •  Preparing a new design and constructing Event Management System Interfaces between ARS Remedy 7 and interoperating external systems
  •  Customization of Asinit/CEAM - Real Time Importer solution to the client’s needs
  •  External Java processes and advanced solutions with the application of Remedy environment to synchronize data and cooperate in real time

application of Java API


Sector: Telecommunication

Client: Ericsson/BMC

Analysis of implemented ITSM 8.1 including the review of architecture, interfaces, customisations and proper OOTB modules implementations

  • Performance and resource utilisation analysis, logs analysis, OOTB and third party components review, production environment configuration analysis, database configuration check
  • Recommend all required changes, deliver the Health Check report for the Ericsson ITSM program
  • Customised workflow verification
  • External solutions analysis and fixes


Sector: IT

Client: BTC IT Services Gmbh

Atrium Discovery and Dependency Mapping installation and configuration

  • Installation and configuration of ADDM
  • ADDM presentation and introduction to CMDB integration