Based on extensive experience we improve our customers skills indicating the most valuable directions of human capital development. We motivate your employees to work more effectively by providing them with the necessary knowledge.

We offer three forms of trainings:



The specificity of open trainings enables trainees to meet representatives of various companies, often from different regions of the country. Therefore, open trainings provide the opportunity to exchange information and look at their own company from the perspective of people working in related positions and facing similar problems but in other companies.

Before the start of the training we verify the expectations of the participants related to the training results.  Taking into account the expectations of a whole group we tailor the program to trainees' needs.

The advantages of open trainings include:

  • Opportunity to exchange experiences with people working in related positions and facing similar problems but in other companies
  • Providing creativity-friendly environment
  • Breakaway from the workplace
  • Increasing participants' activity and involvement in the training process


In-company trainings are characterized in that they are tailored to the order of a particular company, group or department.  The programme is often based on the programme of an open training, although their course never looks the same. In-company trainings are always adjusted to the individual needs of our customers. In classes and case studies our employees use the examples from the trainees’ everyday work therefore the solutions gathered during the training may be used at work.

Apart from the programme, we also adjust other components to the customers’ needs, i.e., teaching methods, type of exercises and tasks to be realized, and a training in any location agreed upon with the customer.

Additional benefits of such a solution include:

  • Savings – by training at least 5 employees an in-company training is simply cost-effective
  • Flexibility – adjusting to customer’s time frames
  • Efficiency – achieving the best results in the shortest time by familiarizing the employees with the problems and tasks of a particular company or industry in order to provide them with the required level of competencies and skills



E-learning nowadays is a modern form of transfer and acquisition of knowledge due to crossing the barriers connected with physical limitation of space and teacher availability. E-learning is also the element which supports the traditional form of teaching and enables you to give a new dimension to training services.  Moreover, a dynamic development of Internet technology favours such innovative teaching methods.

We will be happy to prepare an E-learning training for you in one of the three following forms:

  • After providing us with the training topic – Asinit employees will develop the content and scenario, and on such a basis a full e-learning training
  • After providing us with the training topic and content – Asinit employees will develop the training scenario and a full e-learning training
  • After providing us with the training topic, content and scenario – Asinit employees will develop a full e-learning training

E-learning benefis include:

  • Reduction of training costs – it is possible to train over a hundred people at once
  • Saving time – we eliminate the preparation activities (e.g., booking and preparing meeting rooms or the journey)
  • Flexibility and efficiency – the customer has  the possibility of using repetitions, exercises facilitating memorizing as well as   going through the training several times and coming back to it in order to achieve best results in optimal timing

Due to their attractiveness and continuous development e-learning trainings are the alternative to other forms of teaching.