Industrial sector, due to its size and diversity, expects solutions enabling efficient management of both infrastructure and business processes.


Sector: Manufacturing

Client: IKEA

Performance improvement of the Incident Management module

  • Analyses related to the efficiency and operating speed of the Incident Management module
  • Preparing the solution for performance  enhancement
  • Benchmark and load tests


Sector: Manufacturing

Client: Volvo

Preparing the architecture for the integration between the BMC Remedy Incident Management module and Service Desk external applications

  • Preparing the architecture for the integration based on JMS protocol


Sector: Manufacturing

Client: Volvo

Early Life Support

  • Presentation of ITSM Suite major components
  • Trainings and knowledge transfer for AR Server 8.1
  • Required ITSM modules training
  • Consultancy about integration and extensions to existing ITSM modules


Sector: Inductry, Infrastructure Management

Client: Telent UK

Solution: Real Time Importer, Advanced Integration Module

Software Solutions for industrial sector

  • Design and construction of data warehouses derived from an industrial process
  • Design and creation of a system for the probabilistic and statistical analysis of data from control measuring devices


Sector: Industry

Klient: Partnership project

System for the Analyses of Investment Strategies

  • Design and creation of a comprehensive application to determine premiums, reserves and investment strategies for unit-linked insurance contracts
  • Preparation of the visualization module for premiums, reserves and investment strategies for particular types of contracts
  • Computational methods based on the following laws of mortality: the Gompertz–Makeham law and the Weibull law
  • Modelling the market value of a portfolio with the application of the Wiener process
  • Application of the Box-Muller method for the computer construction of random trials  from a normal distribution



Sector: Industry

Klient: United utilities

Implementation and configuration of Remedy on Demand

  • Technical Support
  • Health-check of existing RoD setup
  • Verify foundation data, prepare and implement recommendations
  • System data management
  • Analysis of BMC documentation and test OOTB functionality according to customer requirements
  • Analysis, re-design and extension of CMDB model
  • Impact analysis for SNOW integration and common spreadsheet integration
  • Atrium Integrator / Spoon training for Asset Management and CMDB teams